Biogas Upgrading Modules

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NeoZeo combines research innovation and engineering to help small-scale biogas producers add value to their biogas production through biogas upgrading to biomethane.

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What We Offer.

NeoZeo offers Biogas Upgrading Modules for farmers and sewage treatment plant owners to upgrade biogas to biomethane. Our extensive research background on porous materials and expertise has allowed us to design state-of-the-art biogas upgrading systems.

Biomethane is suitable for fueling Natural Gas Vehicles or injection into the gas grid. Biomethane can be compressed into high-pressure storage cylinders as BIO-CNG, Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and is a portable renewable fuel with similar properties to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

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Standard Capacity Modules


<70 Nm3/h Raw Biogas

  • Modular design within 20-foot container
  • Best value for small farms and municipalities
  • Compact with minimal footprint
  • Smaller capacity can be designed on request e.g. 10 Nm3/h or 20 Nm3/h.


70-170 Nm3/h Raw Biogas

  • Modular design within 40-foot-long container
  • Higher raw biogas upgrading capacity
  • Capital and Operational Economies of Scale
  • Optimal Energy Requirements


>170 Nm3/h Raw Biogas

  • Design using 40-foot-long container or Skid Design with Multiple Units
  • Best value for large-size farms, enterprises, and municipalities
  • Greatest Capital and Operational Economies of Scale
  • Economical Energy Requirements
  • Larger capacities can be designed on request e.g. 300 Nm3/h and 500 Nm3/h

Advantages of Our VPSA Technology.

  • Value-adding revenue generation from vehicle fuelling

  • Higher profit margin over CHP production

  • Shortest return on investment cycle

  • High biomethane purity

  • Low energy consumption and operational costs

  • Water-free operation

  • Mobility and Security

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